“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” – Maya Angelou

Professional Experiences (Full-Time)

Singapore Public Service – Current
(Public Servant)

If you are an employee, you will never be paid at the same amount that you are contributing. So, if I am going to be exploited regardless, I rather the beneficiary be the people. Running a social enterprise also requires me to watch the bottom line, something that I realised isn’t a motivating factor for me after all. I continue to serve in the youth related area, something that I have always been passionate about. The most important people I serve are not my bosses but the people. I believe that with every civil servant putting in their best, we can be assured of a bright future for Singapore. 

DBS Bank
(Smart Nation Ambassador)

As one of the leading banks in Singapore, DBS plays a crucial role in shaping the financial landscape of Singapore. PayLah! is one of their unique and innovative product that streamlines payment, a product resembling Singapore’s efficiency and flavour, my role is to engage SMEs to adopt this hassle free mode of payment.

Drew and Napier LLC
(Assistant Patents Executive)

Joining a law firm is part of my exploration plan in the legal arena as it has always been a childhood aspiration to be a lawyer. Where else better than one of the most established law firm in Singapore? With over 100 years of history and over 500 employees, Drew and Napier provides the depth and width I need. Although not an ideal experience, working in Drew have taught me valuable life lessons as well as given me important professional exposure, knowledge and connections.

BACP Singapore
(Managing Partner/Founder)

A social enterprise for youths and underperforming individuals, BACP aims to reduce wastage in human potential so that one can live a passionate life, earn a good living while contributing value to society. By underperforming, we do not mean that with reference to societal norms but in reference to one’s potential. One can be performing very well according to norms, but still stands far away from his/her potential. Founded in 2014 by myself, BACP has evolved over the years, yet remains dedicated to its original mission and vision.



Daimler AG
(Risk Management Intern)

Almost everyone has heard of the brand Mercedes-Benz, without knowing that the company behind this widely successful brand is Daimler. Ranked as one of the top 30 companies in the world, it is an honour to be selected as an Intern in this company. As a Risk Management Intern, I am in charge of facilitating a regional workshop that involves partners from all over the region. I am also tasked to develop a Web Application that involves stratified sampling methods using various IT tools such as ASP.Net, Razor and SQL. Lastly, I also have the opportunity to negotiate and facilitate the contract signing between Daimler AG and a third-party software provider. An interesting internship experience which also taught me an important lesson – perform at your best even when you are not aware of the expectation to do so.


Starhub Limited
(Technical Analyst)

As a Technical Analyst, we are the first person to be in contact with customers when they face issues with their internet. Some customers can be very demanding when their services are interrupted. Being in this role requires quick logical thinking, ability to stay composed under stress and customer management skills. This opportunity was introduced as a voluntary internship (during my time in Republic Polytechnic, internships are not mandatory) by a former Polytechnic Lecturer who once worked as a Team Leader there. This role puts me alongside full-time professionals who mentored and guided us and we are required to perform up to the same level as them. I remained in this position for a significant period of time even after my required term is completed before leaving for National Service. During my time in Starhub, I achieved close to 2x the required KPI on most days, thanks to my experience in managing a freelance IT business during secondary school. Experience in this role brought me insights on customer service that I bring to use even today.

Part-Time Experiences (Including Entrepreneurial Activities)

I started working in various part-time jobs from the moment it is legal for me to do so, so as to earn extra income for myself, as well as to seek wider exposure and experiences.

During University

Wu Dao Martial Arts

A small group of students approached me to set up a class in NTU to teach martial arts after knowing about my background and that resulted in the start of this martial arts coaching business. My former students consist people from a wide range of background, from a bodybuilder who later signed on as a Special Force in the United States to a current Senior Police Officer in the Singapore Police Force.

Nanyang Technological University
(Student Supervisor)

Recruited as a Student Ambassador, my main job responsibility is to contact University alumni and graduating students via telephone to seek a monetary contribution towards the school to help in-need students (or other causes depending on donor’s preference). I was first promoted to Student Mentor, then Student Supervisor within a year, making me one of the fastest promoted supervisors in history. I was also recognised as one of the highest KPI achievers in terms of the number of Pledges and Donations solicited.

As a Supervisor, we perform executive functions such as holding meetings with the Managers (Full-Time Staff), generate reports for managerial decision making, etc. We also manage, lead and mentor the team during operations. During occasions such as the Annual Donor’s Appreciation Night or Convocation, we are sometimes engaged to provide general support or to solicit donations from individuals such as the graduating student’s parent directly. One memorable experience was being selected to host the VIP even as I was still a Student Caller. The experience allowed me to polish myself so as to better handle social events that involving distinguished guests.


Uber Technologies Inc.
(Driver Partner)

As a driver partner, we provide transportation to the general public. This role provided an insight to a seemingly easy task, but in actual fact, challenging at times, especially when facing demanding customers, congested traffic and bad weather. Multitasking skill is greatly required, as well as a sense of humour, ability to handle stress and of course, good directional sense and resourcefulness to handle unexpected situations (e.g. sudden nature call).



One observation during my undergraduate studies is that many students who have deep technical knowledge cannot present their knowledge well, resulting in underperforming when it comes to academic results. I set up this freelance presentation coaching services to help students better articulate and present their work in Final Year Project Presentations and coursework presentations so that they can achieve a better grade.

Nanyang Technological University
(Event Photographer)

I was engaged as a photographer for the event “Wine and Cheese Appreciation” for the staff and faculty of the University. Besides photography, digital editing is also required.

Hewlett-Packard (HP)
(IT Show Promoter)

As an IT show promoter, we are required to have good knowledge of the products that HP is selling, mainly laptops and desktop computers. The role involves a fixed salary with a sales commission.



Cyclist Rights on Road

I initiated this public awareness platform and brought its followers from 0 to hundreds within months so as to kickstart recognition of the existing legislations for cyclists as there were many misconceptions about the right of cyclists in Singapore. The purpose is to encourage more to adopt this environmental-friendly transport method by promoting a safe environment for cyclists to commute to work/school. One key success of the platform is a viral article that made its way to Sydney, Austrialia, after being featured on various cycling websites/pages and shared online by countless individuals.

Wan Wu Martial Arts
(Assistant Coach)

As the assistant coach, I help to guide the students on proper technique execution, safety management as well as other general tasks.

Jardine One Solution
(IT Helpdesk Staff)

Upon graduation from Republic Polytechnic, I worked in the IT helpdesk as a Technical Support Staff to help assist the enrolment of new students as well as provide support for individuals facing computer problems. Daily tasks include formatting and installing the school’s version of operating system and other necessary software. We also perform sales function of introducing the recommended notebooks models to new students and parents.

(Road Show Assistant)

As a Road Show Assistant situated in Little India, our main role is to activate the prepaid mobile SIM cards for our customers (mostly foreign workers). The language barrier and culture differences can be an obstacle at times. This is also my first job involving close interaction with a different culture, hence leaving interesting memories. The key takeaway from this experience is how to better manage people as some individuals that I happen to work with can be rowdy or even rude at times.

Dennis Wee Group

The basic job role is to call homeowners to share with them that they can save some money if they were to refinance their housing loans. Dealing with rejection and aggressive individuals is part of the job.

Precious Thots
(Retail Assistant)

A retail gift shop that is located all over Singapore, Precious Thots most unique merchandise is the porcelain figurine which can cost hundreds of dollars. Being overly harsh with a customer who refused to pay after his child damaged something also taught me an important lesson on customer management. There are times which we also have to handle difficult customers such as those who refuse to not consume food in the store or during the peak period like Christmas.


Pepsi Co.
(Hypermarket Promoter)

I was happy to be given this job because it was stated on the requirement that the employee must be good looking. Jokes aside, I worked at Hypermarkets providing samples to shoppers for the new product “Pepsi Max”. One interesting thing that I did not know before this job was that shops hire security guards pretending to be shoppers to nab shoplifters!

During Secondary School

B.CiS (Formerly known as BCJX IT Services)

I set up this business at a tender age of 17, providing IT repair services and custom building desktop computers for customers.  A time where there was no Google, I first gained basic knowledge from friends, then learning through experimenting on my own computer. I remember printing my own name cards and flyers, then distributing them to the public, using an old inkjet printer. Such simple marketing efforts was able to bring me clients ranging from home users to corporates, allowing me to earn a good income while completing my secondary school education.

(Wall’s Ice Cream Door to Door Sales Agent)

This job taught me a lesson on ethics which I never forget. During the early phases, selling door to door ice cream is good business. As it becomes popular, some youths started to sell ice cream at prices fixed by themselves. Soon, the residents realised that and stopped buying from everyone all together. The role requires courage to speak to strangers and to accept rejection, which was aplenty.  My gift of the gab also attracted my first invitation to join an MLM company (Amway), which I did not since I was not of legal age anyway.

(Service Crew)

As my first job, this role blew me away as a 14-year-old as I never knew that what seemed like an easy job involves such a complicated process. For example, to ensure that fries are equally distributed in lengths, they are “double-passed”, a simple technique related to physics. Also, to ensure that customer experience is standardised, it involves 6 different steps and there are specific orders in which food is obtained so as to prevent certain items from getting cold. As a young person, it is not uncommon to be asked to do the less pleasant task such as cleaning the restrooms. Working in Macdonald’s provided a good insight and impression that lasted until today.