“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have asked for faster horses.” – Henry Ford

My name is Cai Jianxiong 蔡剑雄. On some platform, I am better known as Benjamin Alexander Cai.

I am a Singaporean, born and bred on this sunny island and have been living here for all my life. I don’t know how to introduce my history properly but if you ask me about each phase of my life, I always have interesting stories to share; for some reason, my life has been full of twist and turns – I have achieved many successes, as well as met many challenges, some that brought me to my knees but I got back up again. All these shaped me to be who I am today.

I usually come across as someone who leaves an impression, perhaps because of the values I hold and the decisions I make.  Ultimately, what you need to know is that I am not someone that you can judge at first sight. I don’t fit well into stereotypes and you probably need to calibrate your views as we go along. There are however some traits about me that will never change – I am a change maker and I take initiatives to improve or optimise things. I am not afraid to do the right thing even when I have to do it alone and I believe in servant leadership. I also believe that I am quite dependable, trustworthy and able to get things done. To sum up, I probably fit in better in an era with knights and horses but the 21st centuary is fine for me either. And as you can tell, I like making jokes but I can be rather serious when it comes to work.

“A knight in a shining armour is one who had never truly tested his metal.”

“A natural leader.”

Mr LEE Yow Jinn
Deputy Director
Office of Organisation and Service Excellence
Republic Polytechnic
(as Programme Chair for Diploma in Business Computing / Business Information Systems)

“A highly self-motivated individual who goes all the way out to get things done right, demanding the best out of himself as well as his peers.”

Colonel FOONG Kok Pun
Naval Diving Unit
Republic of Singapore Navy
(as Commanding Officer, MIDS Wing, Officer Cadet School)

“Highly competent in his area of responsibility… always doing more to enhance the effectiveness of the processes by introducing new initiatives… demonstrated resourcefulness to overcome challenges… a reliable team player who look out for others in need.”

Singapore Armed Forces Testimonial
(NSFs who performed exceptionally well and those who shoulder leadership responsibilities would be given a testimonial in recognition of their contributions – Mindef)


“Confident presenter with a professional demeanour that is more polished than most of his peers, and, indeed, more polished than many of the working adults that I have trained in other courses.”

Ms Kristina Marie TOM
School of Humanities and Social Science
College of Humanities, Arts and Social Science
Nanyang Technological University

“Excellent team leader… team morale was high under his leadership.”

Mr ANG Jing Jie
Team Member (Great Ideas in Computing)
School of Computer Science and Engineering
College of Engineering
Nanyang Technological University

“Must have experienced (presenting) a thousand times…Quite an impressive experience with Ben.”

Ms Mia XIAO Qian Ru (Presentation Coachee)
Double Degree Undergraduate (Business/Computing)
Nanyang Technological University

“Participated actively and contribute intelligently to activities and discussions…Deep understanding of psychology theories taught…Great potential in Psychology studies…”

Dr WU Li
Division of Psychology
School of Humanities and Social Science
College of Humanities, Arts and Social Science

Nanyang Technological University

“Leader with strong communication skills…Displayed exemplary leadership qualities throughout 2 years as Supervisor …Open to feedback and addressed them professionally…Outstanding team player… unassuming and respectful towards people around him, be it juniors or superiors…”

Ms SNG Yilin
Development Office
Nanyang Technological University

All comments above were lifted from testimonials written for me.

“Wanting to change the world may sound like a castle in the air. But those who are crazy enough to think they can, are usually the ones that does.” – Adapted from Rob Siltanen


What I am looking for:
Public Service
Law Enforcement
Exposure in legal industry (Criminal)
Exposure with Youth/Delinquents
Managerial / Leadership Position

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Do reach out to me for whatever reason! Be it to make a friend, ask a question or to offer me a job! I will be happy to hear from you!