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Sharing my past is not because I am proud of it, but because it remains a key part of my life. In fact, it took me a long while to accept it as part of my history, not until I am firm enough to say that:  “Yes, it may be who I was, but it is not who I am today.”

From “Beng” to B.Eng – An oversimplified slogan that reminds one of cringeworthy dramas, but still serves as a good introduction to who I am and what I stand for today. It serves as a good tagline signifying my change from a young delinquent ranked 205/205 in his level to one who finally entered a University ranked #13 in the world and #1 for Universities under 50, majoring in one of the toughest undergraduate course – Computer Engineering with two additionals Minors (Psychology/Entrepreneurship).

As an outspoken 13-year-old, I was targeted by bullies, many involved in secret societies. Perhaps for self-preservation and no other place to demonstrate my leadership, I became a delinquent myself. As the usual suspect for poor academic performance and disciplinary issues, one day, to defend my pride, I made a claim that I will top my level and enter a University eventually (“Watch me.” I said).  It is funny now to think back – even my closest friend mocked at the idea; it was just something unbelievable at that time. On that note, I wrote it in a hypothetical essay as myself looking back  5 years later. Unexpectedly, my teacher took it as a promise and it became even more important for me to deliver what I promised.

The essay in which I wrote about entering University eventually. In red is my teacher's encouragement that he will wait for the day to come.
The essay in which I wrote about entering University eventually. In red is my teacher’s encouragement that he will wait for it to come one day.
Me receiving three awards for O Levels – Top Student, Best in Combined Humanities and Best in Design & Technology.








My story is a testament to the uncertainty of life, reminding us to be humble and hopeful for the future, for we will never know who will become what at the very next moment.

From “Beng” to B.Eng – A story that spans over a decade and still continues writing because success is never a destination but an endless pursuit of the next greater challenge.

My name is Benjamin Alexander Cai Jianxiong 蔡剑雄.

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What people say about me

“A natural leader.”

Mr LEE Yow Jinn
Deputy Director
Office of Organisation and Service Excellence
Republic Polytechnic
(as Programme Chair for Diploma in Business Computing / Business Information Systems)

“A highly self-motivated individual who goes all the way out to get things done right, demanding the best out of himself as well as his peers.”

Colonel FOONG Kok Pun
Naval Diving Unit
Republic of Singapore Navy
(as Commanding Officer, MIDS Wing, Officer Cadet School)

“Highly competent in his area of responsibility… always doing more to enhance the effectiveness of the processes by introducing new initiatives… demonstrated resourcefulness to overcome challenges… a reliable team player who look out for others in need.”

Singapore Armed Forces Testimonial
(NSFs who performed exceptionally well and those who shoulder leadership responsibilities would be given a testimonial in recognition of their contributions – Mindef)


“Confident presenter with a professional demeanour that is more polished than most of his peers, and, indeed, more polished than many of the working adults that I have trained in other courses.”

Ms Kristina Marie TOM
School of Humanities and Social Science
College of Humanities, Arts and Social Science
Nanyang Technological University

“Excellent team leader… team morale was high under his leadership.”

Mr ANG Jing Jie
Team Member (Great Ideas in Computing)
School of Computer Science and Engineering
College of Engineering
Nanyang Technological University

“Must have experienced (presenting) a thousand times…Quite an impressive experience with Ben.”

Ms Mia XIAO Qian Ru (Presentation Coachee)
Double Degree Undergraduate (Business/Computing)
Nanyang Technological University

“Participated actively and contribute intelligently to activities and discussions…Deep understanding of psychology theories taught…Great potential in Psychology studies…”

Dr WU Li
Division of Psychology
School of Humanities and Social Science
College of Humanities, Arts and Social Science

Nanyang Technological University

“Leader with strong communication skills…Displayed exemplary leadership qualities throughout 2 years as Supervisor …Open to feedback and addressed them professionally…Outstanding team player… unassuming and respectful towards people around him, be it juniors or superiors…”

Ms SNG Yilin
Development Office
Nanyang Technological University

All comments above were lifted from testimonials written for me.

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Managing Partner for BACP Singapore

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Public Service
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